Russian artificial intelligence helped againcatch a criminal in Moscow

Innovative artificial intelligence systems are actively
are being introduced into many areas of our lives, and the fact that a couple of decades
ago it seemed pure fiction, today it is becoming a reality
including in our country.

Thus, the domestic AI has recently helped Russian law enforcement officers
catch the criminal. At the Moscow metro station
�”Frunzenskaya” was arrested a man who had been in
wanted One of the cameras discovered the violator of the law;
faces of subway visitors.

For the upcoming World Cup, the local system
CCTV equipped with advanced face recognition function.
A computer checking for 20 people per second determined that one
of the passengers is wanted, and immediately signaled about
this nearest police patrol. Guards of the order successfully detained
man, and it turned out that he really was hiding from the law.
This Russian was sought for robbery in Yegoryevsk.

The face recognition technology introduced today in the capital was
developed by Russian experts. When the system
demonstrated a few years ago to the world, American
researchers in artificial intelligence recognized her
the best of its kind.

And this is the second time that this technology has
invaluable help metropolitan police. In August 2016, in one of
Moscow banks broke a man who took those present in
hostages Of course, there were a lot of cells in the institution. Using
them, the AI ​​not only instantly warned the police what was going on,
also determined that the criminal was a bankrupt
businessman Aram Petrosyan. So thanks to the advanced
technology, the underworld has become more “transparent”, and therefore
more vulnerable …

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