Russian cavers set a new record:they descended to the depths of the Earth at 2212 meters

The world’s deepest cave named after the Soviet explorer
Alexandra Verevkina, which is located in Abkhazia on the Arabica plateau
Gagra mountain range allowed the Russian
Cavers set a new record for descending deep into the Earth.

A group of athletes-researchers of the club “Perovo-Speleo” headed
with Pavel Demidov last month went down to a record
a depth of 2212 meters, thereby fulfilling his long-standing dream –
reach the bottom of this “bottomless mountain well”.

This unique cave was discovered back in 1968 and
originally received the conditional name C-115, and only in 1986
year she was given a normal name – Verevkin Cave. Researchers
it, mainly members of the caving clubs “Perovo” and “Perovo-speleo”, with
2000 visited this mysterious failure almost every year
sometimes more than once, lower and lower going down to the center of the earth.

This time they finally managed to reach the bottom of the deepest cave.
of the world, dropping more than two kilometers inland. Cave
rather narrow, this is a kind of cleft in the mountain range, in this
once four Moscow caver had to go down it
almost a week. Each of the “scouts of the depths of the earth” carried at this time
on itself about 20 kilograms of payload: provisions,
equipment, torches and lights and so on. For communication with the remaining
on the surface of the comrades brave speleologists had to drag for
is also a cable television coil. Researchers spent the night
caves in stone niches.

Despite the narrow passage of the cave itself, says Paul
Demidov, a real surprise was waiting for us below – a real underground one
�”underground”. Contrary to our expectations, at a depth of more than two kilometers
the cave was inhabited by all sorts of living organisms, in
mostly leeches, centipedes and false scorpions that
fully adapted to such a deep life for dozens
million years (their samples are raised to the surface for research
new species of animals of the earth).

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