Russian claims that he found in the picture of Marsmummy of a dead soldier

Nizhny Tagil ufologist and virtual archaeologist Valentin Degterev
told domestic and foreign subscribers about his regular
find According to the researcher, he viewed images of the Red
planets made by the famous rover Curiosity, and noticed on
one of the frames mysterious outlines resembling a dead
a soldier. Of course, the Russian considered that he had found the remains

Skeptics claim that this is simply caused by imagination.
optical illusion, however Degterev insists on his: speech, by
his opinion, it is about the mummified remains of an alien
military, resting among the rocks on the Martian peak Eolida. how
It is known that there are no bacteria on the Red Planet that contribute to
decomposition of organic matter, so the alleged corpse is hypothetically
may lie there at least for ages.

In addition, the author of the find reports that among the stones near the body
You can also consider an incomprehensible apparatus similar to a drone,
two gas cylinders and a mysterious weapon with a curved barrel.
Thus, the ufologist was once again convinced that Mars is not at all
deserted planet, and on it you can meet representatives of reasonable
civilizations, including well-armed ones. Therefore, earthlings
there is definitely nothing to do there.

However, even supporters of recognition of real Martian discoveries
(from among virtual archaeologists) do not fully agree with Degterev.
Some of them believe that the mummy of a dead soldier can
also belong to the Martian – why must an alien?
Another thing is that it is really too early for earthlings to think about mastering
Mars, especially with the help of astronauts. We are supposedly not ready for either
conditions of the great cosmos, nor to the meeting with possible
representatives of the Martian civilization who are most likely
(judging by our aggressiveness and greed), we are not expected there …

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