Russian cosmonaut discovered EuropeanUFO airfield

Sergey Ryazansky, who participated as an astronaut in the work of the ISS,
told reporters what he saw from the orbit of the Earth European
UFO airfield, тем самым очень удивив работников пера, поскольку
they wanted to hear from him first of all about
mysterious planet Nibiru.

Planet X interested us no less than all other earthlings,
says Sergey, but … unfortunately or fortunately, but I don’t see her
had a chance. And yet, I was not left without a surprise, because I
happened to watch some strange construction in Europe,
which can be called the aerodrome for spaceships
aliens. On the territory of one European country (unfortunately,
I do not have the right to say what exactly) I noticed a lot
forest territory, literally freaked out by mysterious circles,
squares and triangles. What is it specifically to say no
I can, even approximately. But imagine the vast territory in
several hundred kilometers, and here it is – it is not accidental
call in any way. The structures are obviously artificial, but by whom and for
What are they created, that is the question? ..

Ufologists after such a revelation of the Russian cosmonaut came to
delight, immediately specifying that such airfields are scattered throughout
Earth, and although the object seen by Sergey cannot be called unique,
the fact that the workers of the ISS are already telling such frank
things deserve a lot.

Earthlings, experts explain, naively believe that all these
vehicles that we see in the sky and identify as UFOs arrive
from space or from the moon – the closest home base
interstellar ships. Anyway, aliens on our planet
already given there is a well developed infrastructure necessary for
full functioning of the aircraft. Good about that
all governments know, but the common man is still hanged
noodles on the ears that there are no aliens at all. Silent
also about contacts with aliens …

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