Russian created driven by thoughtwheelchair

Graduate of the Novosibirsk State Technical
University Ivan Nevzorov managed to create an innovative
wheelchair, которым можно управлять одной лишь силой

As you might guess, such an invention can become
revolutionary and donate a huge amount in part or
completely paralyzed people the ability to move around. Even
man has only the brain left working, he can use such
wonderful stroller.

Снабженное гусеничной тягой wheelchair способно не только
ride on a flat surface, but also overcome curbs and
steep slopes, descend and climb stairs.

Turning on the video below, you can see
the work of this miracle of technology with your own eyes. Manage her very much
simple: a special helmet reads brain impulses
operator (disabled person in a chair), and computer
the program converts them into commands leading the device to
motion. According to Nevzorov, his invention is very soon.
can go into mass production.

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