Russian few weeks watching the terriblecreature in the window of a neighboring house

This terrible story can be attributed to the “terrible”
Internet folklore, but its author claims that all
the bottom is pure truth. Actually, any eyewitness story
can be questioned even if it describes the most
everyday things. And when the extraordinary …

Boring business trip

Our hero, let’s call him Sergey, filmed during a business trip
apartment in the North-Eastern district of Moscow. Linger there
he was not going to stay for a long time, so he signed a contract for just a couple
months and did not even connect the TV with the Internet –
tired and at home. He basically read after work, though
the pastime quickly put him on.

The apartments were located on the last, twelfth, floor
apartment building in a residential area. About 200 meters
opposite was the same 12-storey building, which covered itself
relatively picturesque local view.

Sergey was fond of weapons and survival strategies, quite legitimate
having at his disposal the American Remington 700 rifle.
just in case not to be completely defenseless in our
hectic time

Work in the capital, unfortunately, was not too much, and
in the long evenings the man suffered from boredom. Then he invented himself
peek game. When it got dark, our hero took a rifle and
I began to consider various objects in her yard in her sight,
counting in mind the approximate distance to them. Then he is completely
accidentally looked at several other windows and immediately got carried away
open to him spectacle.

The game “peepers”

Of course, to spy on people through a rifle scope, let them
uncharged, it was not only immoral, but also illegal,
however, our compatriot could not cope with his curiosity.
The very next evening he moved a table to the window, set it on him.
Remington with a two-leg, drew the curtains and began to look at
the gap between them is the tenant opposite.

The neighboring high-rise building was a very colorful abode
characters. For example, a lonely man on the 6th floor every night led
heated debate with the TV and often launched into the screen various
things. On the 9th floor there lived a young self-taught karateka, day after day
Arranged himself a merciless workout in the kitchen. And in the apartment on
On the 7th floor there was a young couple, constantly indulging in love

Strange man in the window

Once, playing such “peepers”, Sergey inadvertently looked into
a window on the 8th floor, which had never attracted it before. Into the empty
the bedroom, illuminated by a single light bulb on the ceiling, stood
bed. On it in the lotus position sat a naked man with his back to the window.
At first, Sergey seemed suspiciously dead still
an individual. The Russian watched for about 5 minutes on the “yogi”, however
he did not move a muscle.

During this time, our hero realized that the man in the house opposite was
extremely skinny, pale and tall. His bald head was
disproportionately large, and the arms, apparently, fell below
knees At the same time the room looked very poor: there wasn’t any
carpets, no other pieces of furniture, no appliances, and on faded
There were strange vertical walls and a closed door.

The observer decided that the strange stranger was just meditating, and
spat on him.

However, a few days later our hero looked again at
this window. And involuntarily tensed. �The Yogi sat on the bed again
same pose and looked at the wall. Then Sergey suspected something was wrong:
and what if a person simply died? But then his body had to
go limp and fall on the bed or on the floor. Rifle owner almost
hour watched a bald man, but he remained extremely

Returning the next evening from work, Sergei immediately clung to
sight. �”Yogi” was again in its place. Maybe except
turned a little to the side. So, still not dead.

For a week, our hero watched a mysterious man in the window –
several minutes in the morning and several hours in the evening. Now to him
It was not from such a find. �”Yogi” every time turned out to be
the usual place and only occasionally changed its
position. As this happened, the observer did not see.

Once he noticed that the sheets had changed on the bed, and
then it occurred to him to arrange round-the-clock surveillance of
freak out He rented a video camera and put her lens to
sight, pointing a rifle at the mysterious apartment.

Neighbor creepy freak

And this, oddly enough, gave the desired results. After 2 days
the bedroom door opened, and a woman came in. She somehow
Strangely approached the man, took from her pocket a vial with a syringe and
made a “yoga” injection. Then she is also incomprehensible, sideways,
approached the window, opened it and lit a cigarette. Having dealt with
a cigarette, the woman backed away and left the room, tightly closing behind
the door itself.

The following week, the visit of the mysterious woman to the freak repeated.
She did the same manipulations with a syringe, smoked and habitual
way out of the bedroom. There was something about her behavior. unnatural
even frightening. Sergey repeatedly looked through the received records, and
then it dawned on him: the woman never turns to “yoga”
back for a second! In addition, the observer suddenly realized that
marks on the doors and walls are probably scratches from nails

Twice a week, the freak’s neighbor left the apartment at 30-40
minutes Our hero followed the woman and determined that she was each
visits the nearest grocery store and pharmacy once and then
comes back.

The man on the bed became Sergei’s obsession. Our
compatriot could sit for hours near the window and look through
перекрестье прицела в затылок �”yoga”. Especially scary Russian
It was to watch as in the next apartment behind the wall, literally in a pair
meters from the monster, every evening children played quietly.

It’s time to act

Sergey thought that it was impossible to just leave it. Call in
he did not dare to police, because he began to act independently.
Armed with a traumatic pistol and master keys, he waited
while the neighbor “yoga” will once again go shopping, jumped into
their entrance and climbed to the 8th floor.

Find a sinister apartment at the very end of a dark corridor,
littered with all sorts of rubbish, managed without difficulty. Shaking from large
trembling, our hero pushed the door, but it turned out to be closed. Then he
took out the master keys and began picking them in the lock, picking up

Suddenly a quiet shuffling was heard in the apartment. Sergey is terrified
froze The shuffling sounds approached the door and stopped.
The novice burglar glanced at the door peephole and saw that
he darkened. It could only mean one thing: someone who was
inside, looked into the peephole.

And then the door piled on with such force that it loudly
cracked. Sergey, not wanting to tempt fate anymore, rushed down
on the door and flew a bullet into the street. He made a big hook by
area to confuse footprints, and ran into his apartment. He is there,
as you might guess, instantly grabbed Remington and sent
him to the next house.

After seeing the ill-fated bedroom, our compatriot nearly turned gray
from horror. A freak was standing at the window and frantically scrubbing sharp glass
fingers leaving wet marks. It was far from human. On
the pale body of the creature had no navel, no nipples, no genitalia.
The bones that were not characteristic of a man appeared through the pale skin.
The creature’s face consisted of two huge dark eyes and
small mouth. Neither the lips nor the nose at the “yoga” was not. Most nightmarish
it turned out that the creepy monster right from there, from afar, devoured
Sergey eyes.

As in a dream, our hero recoiled from the window and rushed to the closet, where
he kept the rifle cartridges. Having loaded the gun and distorting
the shutter, he aimed at someone else’s window, but saw in the crosshairs only
waving tightly drawn curtains …


An unknown author of this story writes that he moved out of an apartment in
same evening Despite the fact that Sergei did not shoot the creature
it turned out that he, at least, remained unharmed. Here are some
in words the man ends his story:

I often think of him. Onверняка его посадили лицом к стене
especially so that he does not see people, and constantly stuffed
tranquilizers. Who is he and where did he come from? I do not know this.
Is he dangerous? It seems to me that unconditionally. I do not like that he
noticed me then. Am I afraid of him still? I have naturally
I have a weapon, and I can stand up for myself, but I lie to you if
I will say that I am not afraid. Even after all these years …

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