Russian found sunken Argentinesubmarine long before the rescuers, but no one heard

Ural enthusiast Valentin Degterev, about whose findings we
We often write, constantly engaged in the web disclosing various
riddles and tragedies.

Our compatriot, for example, for many years trying to get to the bottom
before the causes of death Dyatlova group. In addition, he using
Internet materials, investigated the poisoning of Sergei and Julia Skripal,
and the killing of John F. Kennedy himself.

As you might guess, many users of Runet perceive
Degterev activity is not too serious. But now suddenly
it became clear that the journalistic competence of the Russian
The researcher is much higher than could have been supposed.

November 15, 2017 in the Atlantic Ocean disappeared without a trace
Argentine diesel-electric submarine “San Juan”. At the beginning
this year, Valentine has published information that
considered satellite images of water space near
South American state and found on them distinct
the outline of a sunken submarine, as well as an emergency buoy near the

Degterev published the coordinates of his findings, but naively
it was hoped that Argentine politicians, military and rescuers
will listen to the voice of an ordinary Russian blogger.

Recently, representatives of the Argentine Navy reported that
the submarine that was missing a year ago was finally found.
The sunken “San Juan” lay not far from the peninsula Valdes –
exactly where Degterev pointed out! It is noteworthy that the enthusiast
Immediately wrote in January about his opening to the Argentine Navy officers,
however, his words were surely ignored.

Only after all these months is the American company Ocean
Infinity “by exploration of the seabed accidentally stumbled near
the Atlantic coast of Argentina on the sunken submarine.

Thus, Degterev summarizes, do not underestimate
capabilities of modern satellite photography.

From myself we add that all the more you do not need to scorn
treat the work of enthusiasts, long hours or even days
studying every square meter of a particular area of ​​ours
planets (however, not only the Earth). Obviously, the Argentine
The Navy did not have the ability or desire to do this, but they were
at Degterev, and it was he who first noticed the shape of the missing
submarine, that is, long before the Americans.

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