Russian ghost hunter photographedthe spirit of the murdered girl

Who said that there are no professional hunters in Russia?
ghosts? Domestic industrial tourist and urban
researcher Andrei Egrishchin from the city of Birobidzhan gave an interesting
the interview you can watch below and even provided
Journalists with a photo of the spirit of a girl killed in Obluchye (Jewish
autonomous region) a few years ago.

The phantom seemed miserable in the building of an empty military unit, where
and the murder happened. Coming from the other world appeared before
stalkers in the form of a translucent whitish figure with human
outlines. It was perhaps the most impressive find
concerning ghosts that Andrew and his colleagues have ever

Yegrishchin says that his love for the supernatural
phenomena arose at a very young age, when he first
I met with devilry. According to the Russians, in childhood he
1990 to 1997 lived in a house where an aggressive brownie lived or
poltergeist. On the veranda in the dark there was a clatter, although
nobody could be there. In the middle of the night the house itself was heard
Spanking like bare children’s feet. Our hero at this time
constantly experienced sleepy paralysis, seemed to wake up, but unable to
was moving or screaming as if someone invisible was sitting by
on his chest. Granny Andrew once saw on the front door
big red eyes in the dark. Parents and other relatives
our hero unanimously confirm the reality of these frightening

Even when the family moved to a new home, devilry is long
time never ceased to pursue Egrishchina. He began to dream that
in the abandoned house some evil is still huddling, painfully
beckoning him back, at least in a dream to him it is quite
succeeded. Andrei then saw a horrible face that appeared on
the wall and from which blood dripped onto the floor. Mystical
essence left a man alone recently.

Thus, for Andrew, ghost hunting is not a choice, but
the most real vocation. He faces paranormal with
early childhood and still literally draws her to him.
So, to become a real stalker, you must have special
soul warehouse and energy, and not just run with the camera on
abandoned buildings.

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