Russian ghost liner with carnivorous ratsnailed to the US coast

Russian ghost ship, as popular people call it
English tabloids found off the coast of the United States.
Western journalists write that we are talking about the remains of a double-decker
cruise liner “Lyubov Orlova”, built in 1976
Soviet Union in Yugoslavia.

In January 2013, the ship was sent for scrap from Canada to
The Dominican Republic, however, on the way at the tug
the cable broke, and “Lyubov Orlova” went into drift. Any attempts again
take a liner in tow did not succeed, and therefore its just
left in the open sea. Since then, the Soviet ghost ship
unmarked lights and crew furrowed by itself
The Atlantic Ocean, however now its rebellious journey, judging
over all over.

I must say that foreign media employees present this
news like a true horror story. According to them, the ship
teeming with tens of thousands of cannibal rats who were forced by all
it’s time to eat each other to survive. Carnivorous rodents,
they say they can be infected with any diseases, and before
Americans now faced the challenge of killing all potential
distributors of infection. In addition, cannibal rats (if they are there
indeed there is) to be destroyed also for the reason that,
having tasted the flesh of their kinsmen, they will no longer eat
plant food and can attack even people. Especially because
these are some monsters, some just gigantic.
Newspapers, pumping a sensational shiver, agreed to the point that
some of these creepy rodents may well have already reached
to the shore – and now they say wait for any terrible consequences …

True, there were in the West and journalists who suggested
that this is not “Love Orlova”, but an old American tanker,
lost in the ocean more than 30 years ago. And if this is a US ship, no
there are no man-eating rats on it, no contagion, no other mystical horrors.
As for the Russian cruise ship, it is, in their opinion,
long since sank. Or is it still drifting across the ocean …

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