Russian girl may be able totalk to animals

10-year-old Tatiana Lugovaya from Mytishchi (Moscow region)
able to understand the language of animals and even communicate telepathically with
our smaller brothers.

At least, this is what the Russian schoolgirl herself and her
parents. The girl is talking to hedgehogs, rabbits, parrots,
ducks, turtles, raccoons, dogs and cats as if they were such
same intelligent beings as we are able to express
human language.

Tellingly, at first Tanya’s father and mother did not believe her, considering
the words of the daughter of pure fantasy, which is typical for the child. None
less, one day, a schoolgirl proved not to invent
all this. The girl said their Akita Inu dog was
very painful. Say, the animal itself complained about the bad
well-being. Mytischitsy took the pet to the hospital, and there
it suddenly turned out that the dog really needed
emergency veterinary care.

Tanya herself does not know why she has such an ability and how
able to communicate with animals. She does it intuitively and easily.
Until a certain age, the girl thought it was quite
normal, and so can all the people. What was her surprise when
it turned out that the people around did not understand the language of animals, birds
and reptiles.

Classmates Meadow never about his rare gift not
she told me, fearing that they would laugh at her: for her school years she was already
I realized that not everyone understands the language of animals. However now
when domestic journalists made about unusual Russian
girl’s report (see video below), about Tatiana’s skills for sure
recognize many of her peers. It remains to hope that they
treat this with understanding and benevolently.

Most psychologists claim no
The girl’s ability isn’t
a hoax. True, some experts allow similar, and
believers in God are convinced that once all people possessed such
abilities. Meadow do not take offense at skeptics and critics,
because they believe that each person perceives our world as
can. They are more afraid of the other, so that Tanya will not
lost its unique gift, as often happens under the influence of
public opinion …

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