Russian launched into space the first extraterrestrialstate

Entrepreneur, doctor of technical sciences and head of the International
Commission of the UNESCO on space issues Igor Ashurbeyli launched on
Earth orbit is the first in human history

A citizen of such an unusual and unique country can now
become any of us, but so far it’s not worth hoping that in the foreseeable future
the future, you will find yourself outside the Earth – in your new country.
While the project is at the very initial stage of development.

It is a companion the size of a liter pack of juice,
however, a group of international scientists working with a Russian on
implementation of his ideas, believes that in the future this project may
grow to the orbital metropolis. In the meantime, earthly technologies are not
allow you to create such a miracle. However, science is developing
сегодня настолько стремительно, что космическое state может
really appear in space much earlier than suggested

Although it is aboard the New Country satellite (another
name “Space State Asgardia”) until there are no people already
more than 300 thousand people from all over the world have expressed a desire
get his citizenship. The aircraft was launched in the morning at
last Sunday from the US Wallops space center in the state
Virginia. Igor Raufovich and his colleagues spoke positively about
the launch of the New Country, stating that it was produced as

There are no people in the “Cosmic State of Asgardia” yet, but there are
digital storage capable of long storage
large amounts of information. Everyone who gets citizenship
the space country will be able to download to the satellite
data. They, however, will have to comply with international
copyright laws. Although the creation of an orbital state
seductively primarily in terms of setting your own
rules and laws, Ashurbeyli and his partners believed that for the time being their
the project should not break the earth installation. But sometime
Asgardians, as experts promise, will certainly appear their own
the constitution, as well as the president and cabinet ministers. Or something in
этом роде, возможно, управление космическим stateм будет
be completely different in nature and content.

Having received the citizenship of “New Country”, it will be possible at will
pay individual taxes. These funds, as is not difficult
guess go to the maintenance of the satellite and its gradual
transformation into a full-fledged orbital station, and there you look – and
полноправное state. Citizens will be issued an identity card
passports and allow you to open accounts with the National Bank of Asgardia.
Космическое state будет иметь собственную криптовалюту под
name “Solar”, which translates as “solar”.

State of earthlings outside the Earth – is it real?

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