Russian pilots rescued in Antarcticachinese tourist

The title of the article seems strange to many, is not it? As if
this is not about the mysterious and almost closed for free
visits to Antarctica, but about any forests of the Amazon, albeit
dangerous to humans, also poorly understood, but not prohibited for
visiting and learning from almost any person.

How did it happen that the Chinese traveler got into
Antarctic, and even turned out to be in a critical situation?

But for those who do not know, we’ll specify that tourism in
Antarctica began to practice since the sixties of the past
century, and now the ice continent in the tourist season
visited by tens of thousands of people from all over the world
(see the video below). These are snowshoes, skiing and
ski and mountain fun, like so much more, from visiting
strictly localized and practically safe ice areas
mainland and ending with extreme hiking
difficulties (to the South Pole, for example), which, we note, are rare and
carried out, as a rule, only with government support
(vowel and unspoken).

It is difficult to say which category of difficulty
the tourist route of the Chinese, but for his salvation in the air from
Cape Town was raised by the Russian IL-76-TD-90VD, which
landed at the Antarctic airfield of Novolazarevskaya station,
where the man was previously taken in serious condition.

However, everything is covered with a veil of understatement. First of all,
the hapless traveler turned out to be a member of the tourist group (and
all – no more words, not half a word), secondly, no one says,
what happened to him, limiting himself to the information that
Suddenly, urgently needed qualified medical care on
hospital level, which is why he was flown to Cape Town.
Moreover, he was even accompanied during the flight by a Russian doctor.
polar station.

In the hospital itself, too, nothing was clarified, except that
hospital doctors assured journalists: at the moment life
chinese tourist вне опасности, он находится под наблюдением
doctors – everything is fine. Right detective story, however, to
Sorry, without continuing …

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