Russian researcher found in the picturesMarsa ancient city ruins

Russian research enthusiast from the Urals Valentin Degterev
once again pleased his fans and subscribers with sensational
discovery. Looking at satellite images of the Red Planet on the site
Google Earth, he found on them the mysterious martian structures –
�”The ruins of the ancient city”.

According to Degterev, who devoted many years to studying Mars,
a highly developed civilization once flourished on this planet
which ceased to exist after some kind of global
disaster, after which life moved to Earth. That’s why we
supposedly are descendants of the Martians.

Valentine was always interested in the question, why did the Martian die?
civilization. The fact that she was, he no longer doubts,
since numerous pictures (hundreds of thousands) of this planet
allow to make such a conclusion. And now another amazing
the find is obviously the abandoned city of the Martians.

On the sands of this long dead planet, the researcher writes,
the ruins of the megalopolis are clearly visible – huge buildings of several
kilometers, colossal in its height and basement 4 km
pyramid, other structures, clearly man-made, no matter what they say
skeptics. I am more surprised by something else: like dust storms and
numerous asteroids that bombed the surface of Mars for millions of years,
didn’t destroy it all. Alas, while this question has no answer …

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