Russian scientists have awakened creatures agemore than 40 thousand years

At the beginning of this millennium in the Russian reserve Duvanny
Yar (Nizhnekolymsky district of Yakutia) samples of frozen
soil, which are then sent to Moscow for research. In many
samples were detected frozen soil nematodes, whose age
scientists estimated at 40-42 thousand years. Now the capital
researchers made a potentially sensational discovery because
managed to defrost the ancient roundworms.

It is reported that the full-rooted primary sots in the Petri dish
functioning: they are actively moving and looking for food. The specialists
interested in why nematodes do not mate, and found that in
permafrost turned out to be exclusively females. Apparently,
they are capable of parthenogenesis (the so-called “virgin
reproduction “), therefore it is possible that the worms found in Yakutia
will be able to give offspring soon.

Of course, the most amazing thing in this situation is
the possibility of quite complex organisms to wake up and start
to function fully after tens of thousands of years. Completely
it is likely that the thawed prime movers are the oldest
on the planet inhabitants, not counting the bacteria, which they are much
more difficult. Of course, the resistance of the worms to freezing temperatures
It was not a surprise for scientists, but so impressive
results, given the age of the worms, domestic experts clearly
they did not expect.

The experiment is considered extremely important because it
can tell scientists how to freeze and return to life
people. Such knowledge can be useful to mankind, for example,
for the colonization of distant planets. If the spacecraft will
fly to another star system for many decades or even centuries,
the crew and passengers will need to freeze (remember any
fantastic space movie). Also not worth it
forget about the cryogenic freezing of those people who are suffering from now
incurable diseases and hope that future technologies will be able to
revive them and relieve from ailments.

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