Russian scientists have discovered a new look.dinosaurs

Paleontologists from Tomsk and St. Petersburg State
Universities have discovered a previously unknown dinosaur science.

The remains of a giant pangolin were discovered by Russian scientists in
Kemerovo region. It is reported that such prehistoric monsters
lived in Siberia about 120 million years ago. Animal received
the name sibirotitan (Sibirotitan astrosacralis) after the place
finding his petrified bones.

Experts say that the beast discovered by them belongs to
titanosaurs, that is, four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs,
dwellers of Upper Cretaceous on the territory of modern Eurasia,
Africa and South America. Representatives of this family were
the largest creatures ever lived on Earth. On
the territory of Russia were found at the moment only two types
such lizards: tengrizavr, the first fossils of which were studied in
1990s, and newly discovered siberotitan. So the last
the finding of domestic paleontologists is very important for
world science.

Herbivore siberotitanians, like other titanosaurs, survived
thanks to the laying of a huge number of eggs, rapid growth
young stock, and also, undoubtedly, its giant dimensions. Their
the length reached about 12 meters, and they weighed about 10 tons.
Most titanosaur fossils are found in Argentina, but in
prehistoric Siberia, it turns out, at that time there were similar conditions for
life and prosperity of titanosaurs.

Sibirotitan, however, was not as large as his
Argentinean relatives, some of which may
reached 40 meters, and weight – 110 tons. He had a long neck and
long tail and would look very modest against a number of others
titanosaurus However, its size was still much better,
than any predator, so it attacked them very

Onйденные ископаемые были помещены в Томский государственный
the university. In the future, Russian researchers intend to continue
excavations in the Kemerovo region in order to find similar remains or
even discovering something new, as yet unknown.

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