Russian scientists have found a unique meteorite.alien mineral

In 2016, a mysterious meteorite fell in Buryatia, which soon
interested prospectors, and then specialists with their unusual
appearance and composition. All this time, domestic scientists
carefully studied the amazing “alien guest” and now,
finally published a report on their study.

It turned out that the “alien” delivered to the Earth a previously unknown
science chemical compound. This mineral is named wakitite,
since the meteorite fell near the village of Wakit.

Researchers say that wakitite has negligible
crystal size is only 1-5 microns. In this regard his
X-ray imaging was not possible, and
required equipment for diffraction of fast electrons,
provided by the Ural Federal University. Study
mineral was held in a special high-modern laboratory,
intended for the analysis of materials of extraterrestrial origin, in
including potentially dangerous.

Wakitite has already been registered at the International Mineralogical
associations, and his reference samples were placed in collections
several Russian museums. It is noteworthy that the chemical
the compound was discovered by chance – initially the prospectors were looking for
under Wakit, gold and inadvertently stumbled upon meteorite fragments.
It is reported that the process of studying the cosmic mineral may take
some years. Scientists plan to determine under what conditions he
formed in space and is it possible to find any practical
application on Earth.

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