Russian scientists have taught the dog to breatheliquid

Russian Vice President Dmitry Rogozin met recently with
Serbian President Alexander Vucic, having demonstrated
foreign policy a variety of domestic scientific developments.
One of them was an advanced fluid breathing system. Such
technology allows living beings, for example, a dog to breathe
liquid, заполняющей ей легкие.

Fluid lung ventilation can be observed in the US
science fiction film “The Abyss”. Research in this area
led in the 70s and 80s, Soviet scientists. They managed to force
breathe the greed of laboratory mice, however further this interesting
developments in the USSR have not advanced.

Now, Russian craftsmen managed to successfully conduct such
experiment on a dog. By including the video below, you
сможете увидеть, как в емкость с насыщенной кислородом liquid
Dachshund fits. The animal mastered a few minutes in the new
environment, and then begins to breathe there without problems. Then dog
removed from the tank and wiped with a towel. Obviously with her
everything is fine. Serbian Prime Minister personally made sure
that the dachshund did not suffer, after which it stated that it remained very
impressed by what he saw – just some kind of fiction!

Perspectives on the use of a liquid breathing system

Russian scientists claim that their promising technology
will become irreplaceable in the future. Fluid lung ventilation
by means of a fluid that dissolves oxygen well and
allowing it to flow into the blood without difficulty. Russian
researchers use for this purpose high-inert
low surface tension perfluorocarbon compounds,
which are not metabolized by the body.

This technology is reported to be used in
many areas. For example, deep-sea divers who
liquid breathing will fight high pressure. Or,
let’s say if a submarine accident occurs at a depth above
one hundred meters, it will save the crew from death. Decompression sickness
will not allow sailors just to immediately rise to the surface because
«эффекта закипающей крови», однако если они будут дышать liquid,
you can safely leave the submarine and get to the top.

In theory, liquid breathing can be used in
space flights to save premature babies and people with
burns of the respiratory tract, as well as in complex therapy. Generally
the prospects are huge!

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