Russian scientists have tested a laser designedfor protection against asteroids

Yes, Russian scientists know and now, one can even say, they can
to deal with asteroids, as the world’s leading magazines write about, and
This technology was tested for the first time in the world.

Probably, this was served by the “experience” of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which,
as scientists suggest, was shot down by some higher forces with
using a laser, otherwise he would have done much more trouble if
collapsed on the surface of the Earth “a whole piece.” Moreover, this
The 20-meter asteroid literally went to Chelyabinsk and could easily
wipe this metropolis from the face of the planet. Enough to say that
even the fragments caused him considerable damage to the city (estimated at more than
billion rubles), and the doctors were approached at the time (2013)
thousands of people.

Russian scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
managed to create a model of the asteroid and destroyed it with a laser.
This experiment allowed us to derive a formula that is accurate and
win-win, which is determined by the impact force
asteroid and the exact place on it (this is surely a dimple), by
who needs to strike this blow. For example, scientists say, for
destruction of the 200-meter space body will require a blow by force
in 3 megatons of TNT. Such an explosion will destroy the asteroid into small, already
safe shards. And this is the only way today.
effective protection of the planet from such threats from space.

Specify that in the next hundred years to the Earth will fly on
the maximum dangerous distance is about 800 asteroids, many of
which are pretty big. So, the most huge can reach almost
a thousand kilometers in diameter, it is clear that such a “gift”
cosmos just destroy the earth. But let’s hope that this is not
will happen, especially since they are fighting for the Earth (judging by the Chelyabinsk
meteorite) and some unknown higher power. But as they say in
Russian proverb, trust in God, but do not think yourself.

By the way, to conduct an experiment to destroy asteroids
MIPT scientists used fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite – for
purity of the experiments. Of course, the success was accompanied by Russian
researchers are not for this reason, but still …

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