Russian segment of the ISS is preparing for autonomy

The International Space Station was created and launched at
nineties of the last century when the confrontation between
West and Russia, or even better, between the West and the East
was minimal. That is what allowed the scientists of the leading countries of the world.
carry out such a grand space project.

Today politicians (primarily the USA) in their ambitious
aspirations to establish complete domination over the world interfere with the scientific
cooperation of the West and Russia, including in space. That’s why
�”Roskosmos” decided by 2021 to create on the ISS completely
Autonomous Russian compartment. Told reporters
the head of the organization, Igor Komarov, who clarified that
Currently, the space industry of the Russian Federation is already
received the task to prepare for the ISS three new modules.

These modules will enable the cosmonauts of Russia to work on the orbital
The station is completely independent of all the other members. Made by
it will be in advance, even before the contract between
countries participating in this grand space project.
Russian new modules will provide for astronauts
independent communications, energy, engines and more.

We had to think about it, stressed the head
�“Roscosmos”, since after 2024, Russia’s partners in the ISS
may well refuse to cooperate with us, for example, NASA and
ESA is totally dependent on its ambitious politicians who
pushing the world, including the scientific one, to confrontation. In these conditions
we have to either create a standalone module on the ISS, or
launch your own orbital station. While we will
implement a less costly project, and there time will tell …

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