Russian ufologist captures the mysterious planetnear the earth

Domestic ufologist and Internet journalist Valentin Degterev
asserts that he was watching a live broadcast from a webcam on
aboard the International Space Station and suddenly noticed something
strange in the frame.

According to the specialist, in the luminous atmospheric corona of the Earth
a mysterious object appeared, resembling a separate planet.
The supposed celestial body was relatively clearly visible on the edge
horizon, and Valentine hurried to record the broadcast on video.

It is noteworthy that the moon at that moment was with
the opposite side of the ISS, because it is clearly not about
natural satellite of our planet. But then what could it be
be? The author of the finding suggests that before us is the legendary
Nibiru, also known as Planet X.

It is believed that when a given astronomical object approaches
at a critical distance to the Earth, our fragile “blue ball”
awaits death Is this really going to happen very soon?
We hope that our compatriot is mistaken in his
assumptions, and no universal scale disaster
is coming. At the very least, NASA experts do not show this.
occasion of the slightest concern: apparently know about this mysterious
object is much more than a ufologist, but keep quiet – the next
space mystery …

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