Russian woman claims to be a foster daughtermysterious dog-like creatures

A Russian woman named Nadezhda says that being 12 years old
a schoolgirl, went one day to the mushrooms in the woods and got lost.
And she knew her own forest quite well, but at some point
suddenly felt that she was surrounded by an unfamiliar, gloomy and completely
not similar to the pine forest habitual to her since childhood.

Meeting with an unknown and mysterious phenomenon in the forest

For a long time the girl searched in vain for the way to her native village and,
exhausted, she decided to lie down to rest under a tree. She is already
started to doze when suddenly I heard someone next to me
low and soft voice. Schoolgirl instantly recovered and not on
I was frightened by a joke, because before that I thought I was there

Meanwhile, the voice continued to speak, and our heroine clearly
heard: “Please rise. I want you to come to me. ”
Hope obeyed. She got to her feet and wanted to go on call
however, I suddenly realized that the voice was not from somewhere nearby, but
right in her head. Of course, the Soviet child did not know anything about
telepathy or even auditory hallucinations, so the girl did
I could not explain myself such a phenomenon. She felt uneasy.

The invisible stranger said amiably: “I do not need
fear, I won’t hurt you. I’ll be your friend. Come again
nearer”. And then Nadia suddenly noticed, because of the nearest tree
someone looked out. The strayed schoolgirl was still in
Confusion and did not immediately realize that it was not so with an outsider.
Then a sudden guess struck her like lightning: it was by no means
not a human! Having made such a shocking discovery, our heroine is instantly

Meet doglike fairy creatures

She woke up on the straw bedding in some spacious
the cave. A little away from her were two amazing creatures,
looking like huge anthropomorphic dogs with animal faces,
which for some reason were very similar to human faces.
In addition, the front legs of each of these creatures were connected to
trunk thick layer of skin, like a flying squirrel. Later Hope
became a witness to how these rational monsters flew: the truth
not at all high and not only short distances.

Striking creatures like from a fairy tale did not open
mouths, but the girl clearly heard their voices in her head.
Chimeras told her: “Do not be afraid, we do not wish you evil. We want,
so that you stay with us and become our daughter. Promise your
life will be full of joy, and very soon you will not want
come back. ” Young captive, as you might guess, not
I wanted it too much and only thought about how to get away as soon as possible
from here.

However, Nadia had to stay with these fabulous
creatures for quite a long time. She quickly understood
that she doesn’t need to say her words out loud when talking to
new “guardians” – those successfully read her thoughts. Outlandish
creatures turned out to be male and female, consisting in a peculiar
marriage. They really cared for the girl, as their own daughter,
and tried their best to indulge her whims. Just not allowed
our heroine go home.

Contrary to the assurances of dog-like monsters, the girl never stopped
miss your loved ones. She repeatedly tried to escape, however her
the efforts were in vain. Creatures that read the mind of man,
easily stopped all her attempts to escape in advance. Besides,
they inspired the girl to do it without their help
will succeed. Why – she did not understand then.

At the same time, the chimeras every time lamented that Nadia did not like
live with them and that she seeks to return home. The creatures assured
Nadia, that she has nothing to do in the world of people, because there they expect her
only suffering.

Returning home from the world of dog-like creatures

And then everything changed dramatically. �”Father of the family” one fine
the day informed Nadezhda that his wife would soon die. Girl
at first did not believe it, since the female monster behaved quite
did not usually show any signs of severe illness.
Despite this, after a while it really did not become.
And, despite the fact that the girl was the actual prisoner of these
strange creatures, the death of “stepmother” really upset her and
drove into sadness.

The remaining monster is now no place for itself. It is detached
wandered through the cave, lay on bare rocks for a long time, howled at night on
the moon. It seems that life for him now was absolutely not interesting.
Once a monster briefly came out of its stupor and said to Nadya:
�”I think you need to go to yours, I am no longer able to care
about you. I’m sorry we didn’t let you go before. ” Girl, услышав
she was overjoyed, got ready to go and … went in that
direction to which her master pointed.

A dog-like creature seemed to be somewhere all this time.
close and watched so that our heroine safely reached
to their civilization. Nadia stopped feeling his presence
next to you only when she came out in a clearly native (light,
human) forest, and then to some village and asked the local
residents help. Those brought the girl to her village to her parents. Father and
Nadi’s mother was crazy about happiness, because they thought her daughter was lost.
It turned out that the schoolgirl had disappeared for two long years.

Communication with dog-like creatures is broken.

Today Nadezhda has her own family, happily living with her husband
and two children. She rarely tells anyone this incredible
history because it is afraid to face misunderstanding or
ridicule Surely many of us, having read this story, also
It is considered that at best we are talking about an amusing tale. BUT
someone is likely to call the above nonsense
crazy However, the husband and offspring Hope entirely believe her
according to

But let’s imagine for a second that it was really
business Who then could be those mysterious creatures?
Supramental cryptids that have mastered telepathy? Other residents
measurements? Spirits of nature? Aliens from another planet at the end
the end? Not a week goes by that Nadezhda does not recall those
events from childhood and their fabulous “guardians”. Sometimes she even
mentally calling “stepfather.” He, alas, is silent and does not respond to her, as if
no longer exists. Maybe it is so …

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