Russians filmed a video of a brownie incloset

A married couple living in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Region,
intends to buy a house. Visiting each for sale
home, the couple take it on video to later
view received clips in your apartment and decide
suits them real estate or not. Visiting another house, the Russians
they unexpectedly captured something inexplicable there. The couple believes that
The mobile phone camera lens accidentally hit the goblin himself.

By turning on the entry below, you can see in
accelerated shooting, as a man walks around the house, taking everything off
his premises. When the operator looks into the spacious pantry and
comments that this place could serve his wife as a closet for
storage of clothes, in the far corner of the closet there is a small dark
a figure that bounces and runs off somewhere up the wall.
It is known that no cats or other pets from the current
home owners are not.

Yes, and this entity does not look like a pet – it is rather
like a little nimble little man. The author did not notice the video
then the supposed little house with his own eyes. Only when spouses
Already much later watched this video, they noticed
mysterious and even somewhat frightening shots. What if it is not about
good brownie, but about some kind of unfriendly otherworldly
entities? Having suspected this, our heroes never decided to purchase
this property, despite the fact that in this house
almost everything suited, including the price of the intended

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