Rybak photographed like a shellUFO

American fisherman from the city of Garretsville in Ohio
says he recently went to a local lake to
give it to your hobby. Running the bait, the man pulled his
a smartphone and several times photographed a reservoir – just so that
Capture this beautiful moment of fishing. He did not notice in
That day is nothing unusual, but after looking in a couple of days
received pictures, came in a huge bewilderment. On one of the frames
imprinted something unusual: in the upper left corner of the image
an unidentified flying object of amazing shape appeared.

UFO, пойманный американцем на камеру, напоминает некий
metal shell, one end of which is blunt, and the other –
elongated and tapering. However, researchers from the popular
community “Mutual UFO Network”, where the fisherman first of all sent
take your picture, believe that the mysterious aircraft could have
symmetrical shape. Say, during the shooting it was turned to
photographer slightly sideways, hence the “asymmetry.” Howbeit,
ufologists agreed that this is a very interesting material on
which the intended alien ship has captured
qualitatively. And the fact that the photographer did not notice it with his own eyes is an extra
time proves that the aliens are able to disguise themselves, at least
fool our eyesight to them that time spit. But with this camera
focus does not pass …

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