�”Salty magnesium” Russian scientists are not exposedcorrosion

Magnesium is the lightest material that is best suited for
aerospace structure and even to create ultralight
cars, because in the first place contributes to significant
fuel economy.

Imagine that the density of magnesium is only 1.73 grams
per cubic centimeter, while titan has
– 2.7, while aluminum has even more – 4.5. Lighter metals
just does not exist. For example, for aviation and especially to create
spacecraft is a very huge difference capable
save not only fuel, but also other resources. However, magnesium
alloys are practically not used in the above-mentioned production
branches of Russia, since this metal has the disadvantage
as low corrosion resistance, and we have to effectively deal with it
could not yet.

The main drawback is the high chemical activity
such alloys in their liquid state, and therefore melting them requires
special expensive protective equipment – a flux that
protects magnesium from fire and oxidation. But a ton
magnesium alloy you need to spend about 300 kilograms of this
flux, which makes such alloys expensive and uncompetitive
with others.

The second problem – magnesium alloys must be clean, without
the slightest impurities, especially chlorides. Only in this case they
become corrosive resistant and can be applied in
aircraft industry and space industry. But to achieve this very

And here is a group of scientists of NUST “MISiS” under the guidance of a professor
Vadima Tarasova found a way out of this situation. They came up with a new
composition of the flux by entering into it 30 percent calcium chloride based on
carnallite – a mineral that mines in the Urals. New technology
allows you to get almost pure magnesium alloys and
reduces production costs by at least 30 percent.
Now magnesium, which is here called “salty”, can be successfully
use in aerospace industry.

New technology сейчас проходит испытания на лучших
domestic enterprises. Industrialists have already given their
positive reviews about the high quality of such ultra-light magnesium
alloys that should significantly increase competitiveness
Russian technology in the foreign market. On the other hand, it will increase
the volume of import substitution in the automotive, but most importantly –
aerospace industry of national economy of Russia.

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