Sandstorm – surreal spectacleimaginary apocalypse

We are often presented with intriguing videos on the Internet, obviously
associated with “paranormal” phenomena, however, and the usual natural
the element often looks frighteningly fantastic, and if
even it does not pose a serious threat to man. Just such a
Apocalyptic picture the other day was filmed by Australians –
New Wales residents.

The first video demonstrates how during a dusty storm
White Cliffs literally “falls asleep with sand” – on
a terrible air wave is approaching in minutes
turning a small Australian town into a kind of “fiery
the desert. “

Despite this, the inhabitants of White Cliffs did not rush to hide from
wind and its frightening view of the houses and the more basements, as
this describes, for example, in one of his stories
science fiction storyteller Ray Bradbury. They, on the contrary, poured into the streets and
began to shoot on camcorders and smartphones so amazing
a natural phenomenon.

How then one of the participants of this
sandstorm, the element has not brought any harm to the city. And it is not
despite the fact that the impending storm was simply terrible: to many
it seemed to be the end of the world. Maybe that’s why people
they were not even particularly scared, and then they understood: everything is just wind
and sand, but … they do not bear any serious disasters.

The second video shows a sandstorm from car windows,
who was driving around Polpa Station at the time
state of australia. As we can see, whole masses of sand fell on
car, but she was not particularly affected by this, although the young
the man then admitted that he was pretty scared, especially before
hitting the elements, since it seemed that this “brown plague” is now
knock over a car or even take it away wherever it is with people.
And then what will happen to them? ..

But … again, as they say, carried by, the sandstorm parrot
Australians, and nothing more. Although even in the video to look at this
the element is scary, but to be in the epicenter of such an “apocalypse”,
say the witnesses, the first time at all terribly. In fact, it turns out
all this is just the fun of nature …

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