Saratov scientists have learned to createsuperhard metals

Russian scientists of the Institute of Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Saratov city found and have already worked out a method of manufacturing products
from metal which service life can be increased many times. AT
This unique process involves plasma and nanoparticles, and the very
The invention borders on the present technical revolution.

Moreover, the ion-plasma installation itself to create ultra-strong
metal parts in size, ease of operation and
Security resembles a household refrigerator. At least
This comparison occurred to Russian television reporters.
And scientists have confirmed that the process is really very simple, like
all ingenious. Such a process of “hardening metal” recalls
something cooking in the microwave. For example, “hardening”
the end of the drill, the product itself can even be held barehanded.

Despite this simplicity, the unique technology is still known.
only Saratov developers who, frankly, fight
over it since the eighties of the last century. But “bite it”
they could only now with what modern microscopes helped them
and, of course, the developments of recent years.

Already dozens of domestic enterprises are interested in this.
by technology. It is especially needed in aircraft and mechanical engineering, where
durability of knots and gears made of ultrastrong
Mesto, can significantly extend the life of the apparatus and
units, besides having raised and their reliability. However even
Swiss watchmakers are already among the potential
customers of Saratov scientists – using this
technology can produce almost eternal hours …

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