Satellites refuse to photograph “deadzone “in Nevada

Conspiracy therapists unexpectedly discovered that the popular
Google Earth map service refuses
provide its users with information about what is in
one of the deserts of the US state of Nevada.

A kind of “dead zone” does not fall into the lenses of cameras
orbiters for over 8 years. And even if it hits, but
�”Google”, apparently, is intensively erasing it from all its maps,
leaving instead empty space.

Journalists of the American edition of “Motherboard”,
interested in this story, found that in the described
place is a secret military training ground. But why simple
World Wide Web users are not allowed to view this
a bird’s eye area?

Media employees managed to purchase real money for $ 2,000.
photo base, made by an independent French satellite in 2013.
Newspapers offered Google to buy it from them for just a dollar and
�”Stick” in your cards to close this gap. However,
it turned out that the exclusive rights to the mysterious image are not
may belong to anyone other than the authors, that is, journalists
just rented a photo without the right to use it. Lawyers
report that otherwise a fine is coming, and an aerial photograph will be

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