Scientist about giants who once lived onour planet

Independent scientist Steve Owyal (Steve Quayle) has been involved for many years
quite ticklish topic for the researcher: looking for traces and
доказательства существования великанов на our planet. And so on
the other day, he posted a long-promised video that serves more
than conclusive evidence of how tall people are once
бродили по our planet.

The video, we note, does not even require any explanation, it’s clear that
that we face the trace of a fossil humanoid, and he is so
is huge that it’s not difficult to imagine its owner in the form
fantastic giant. At the same time, the scientist explains that
real trail of our huge ancestor. The case of finding such
the footprint is very rare and therefore kept steve quayle in great secret
from academic science that does not willingly share information about
Giants of ancient times. Like their environment, which should
it was to be as great, for example, trees in several
kilometers high, animals are not less than huge dinosaurs and so

Why on the Internet, he immediately wondered, Steve Owyal,
so many materials (obviously fake) about giant tracks and even
bones of ancient people? Is all this done just for fun
some jokers? I think the thing is completely different: someone
I really want to discredit such frivolous materials myself
the idea of ​​the existence of giants. The fact is that all these
numerous photos and videos on the World Wide Web are on
verification processed in photo or video editors. Turns out that
targeted hoax, rude and obviously fake, on the Net
want to convince the general public that no such giants
was not, and all this fantasy, taken from fairy tales and legends. But
even fairy tales and legends are written not from scratch …

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