Scientists: asteroids need to be sent to Earth

The scientific journal Acta Astronautica recently published the findings
research team of astronomers of the University of Glasgow, which
headed by Matteo Ceriotti (Matteo Cerotti). The essence of scientific work
lies in the fact that asteroids, rich in valuable minerals,
for example, by metals, it is easier to direct to the Earth than to fly to
him in distant space, as planned earlier.

Indeed, how much energy and energy is needed to go to
an asteroid even behind the most valuable mineral material, and then also
deliver it to Earth. Isn’t it easier, the scientists asked, to direct to
our planet itself is a cosmic body, having made it for a while
Earth satellite?

In theory, it turned out to be very simple: the fact is that change
the trajectory of the asteroid, in view of the huge distance it to
�”Blue ball” is easy. However, it will be much more difficult.
calculate exactly that this lump is exactly tangential to
Earth, on the one hand, not having flown away “into milk”, remaining in orbit,
on the other hand, it did not fall to the surface of the planet.

Cherotti team researchers are confident that if you work with
asteroids are no more than 30 meters in diameter, then the danger of it falling
to Earth will be reduced to zero, because in this case, if
the calculation will not be entirely correct, the cosmic body will simply burn in
the atmosphere. And, as they say, great trouble – the beginning. I.e
You can start with the smallest and innocuous space bodies,
gradually gaining experience and thus achieving excellence in
their delivery to the Earth, and subsequently – any size and

Despite all the criticism of this theory from other
skeptical astronomers, she has already interested some of the world’s
corporations, especially from among those that have long been thinking about
similar projects – mining on asteroids.
Moreover, it is possible even to direct the cosmic body to the Earth.
level of modern technology, not to mention the near
the future.

True, other scientists believe that the most promising
direction should be considered the development of methods for the “return of valuable
metals ”instead of mining new, and even on asteroids. The fact,
that the chemical elements of the earth (with the exception of radioactive) go nowhere
do not disappear, only entering into various compound combinations. BUT
because today on the planet as much platinum, gold, silver, and so
further, how much was almost always. Therefore, space
asteroid mining prospects more
interesting so far only from a theoretical point of view than with

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