Scientists believe that Santa Claus can live foroutside the earth

You will be surprised when you learn how many adults from all
end of the world believe in santa claus. And for such overgrown
believers in a miracle, and not only for them, ufologists astronomers did
very unexpected discovery. Scientists have reported that if the famous
the Christmas wizard really exists, he is surely
живет сегодня за outside the earth. So the mythical
the character whose prototype was St. Nicholas the Wonderworker,
may be an alien.

Dr. David Brown of the University of Warwick says that
North Pole, where, according to legend, is the residence
Santa Claus, has recently become uninhabitable
the supposed magical grandfather. The fact is that because of the global
warming there is increased melting of glaciers. Look
for example, just a shocking video (just below) showing
a unique event – the glacier break in 2008 at one of
parts of Greenland, a gap one and a half wide and several
kilometers away!

So for the first time in the last fifteen hundred years, the Arctic today
turns into one big sea, and if Santa Claus is not,
among other things, amphibian, then living for him here, not
to mention making gifts for children there, should be
now very difficult or even impossible.

But, according to Brown, the good old man could easily settle on
the satellite of Jupiter Europe or the satellite of Saturn Enceladus, where
sufficient conditions are observed for this. Of course,
these celestial bodies are located in billions of kilometers from
of our blue ball. However, given that Santa Claus
in just one night, over two billion children of the Earth visit its
lightning fast moving abilities don’t seem like that

By the way, we note that ufologists are increasingly inclined to the version that
angels and demons, saints and even Jesus Christ himself are aliens,
who once closely contacted our civilization, and
now they are just watching her, providing some help (bright
forces) or harming us (dark forces). Therefore, there is nothing strange in
that they are recognized as a real person, and Santa Claus, aka Grandfather
Frost, he’s Nicholas the Wonderworker, and in fact – an alien
a powerful extraterrestrial race that helps people in every way …

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