Scientists believe that stars in the universemore advanced civilizations “move”

Representatives of highly developed alien civilizations, probably
�”Steal” stars in space, capturing them and towing them into their
planetary systems. This is the conclusion of a group of American

Unfortunately, authors of such a bold assumption cannot
explain how “green men” manage to move around the universe
giant lights. According to the researchers, it’s all the same.
what to ask a primitive person how a computer works.

According to astrophysics Dan Hooper and his colleagues from Chicago
University, the Sun gradually dies, and in a very, very distant
future humanity will have to leave the solar system. If our
the race will not really die by then and will reach
high level of development, she obviously will need huge amounts
energy. Under the conditions of an expanding universe, such supercivilization
may well learn to tow the stars closer to their planets,
using their later energy. And if they are capable of it
someday people mean this is probably already doing more
developed than we are alien civilizations.

In theory, due to the expansion of the universe, stars will turn out to be all
further from us. Experts believe that humanity will be able to
redirect some of the energy from the stars to their
moving around creating a cluster of incredibly powerful
источников energy. However, it is possible that scientists are looking at
the future from the position, figuratively speaking, of a caveman. Maybe,
our distant descendants and completely abandon the external energy or
will be able to receive it in unlimited quantities from

Alien races can be divided into several types

Recall that the Soviet astrophysicist and radio astronomer Nikolai
Kardashev proposed in 1964 a very curious theory about the levels
development of civilizations in the universe. Our compatriot shared all
potentially existing race in space for four conditional types in
зависимости от количества потребляемой ими energy. So alone
civilizations (like ours) are limited to the resources of their planet.
Others must use the power of their central stars.
planetary systems. Third – the power of entire galaxies. And finally
the fourth is the power of the whole Universe.

And in April of this year, Spanish scientists from Cadiz
universities have put forward another hypothesis, based on the possibility
the civilizations inhabiting the cosmos influence themselves and the surrounding
Wednesday For example, the most primitive race, they say, is completely dependent
from conditions on their own planets and obey all laws
biological evolution. More developed control the weather and
confront natural disasters, master nuclear physics and genetic
engineering, colonize other planets. That is, humanity in
the present moment is somewhere between the first and second
by steps.

The second type of civilization, according to the Spaniards, controls
gravitational and quantum energy affects
space-time continuum and explores distant galaxies.
The third type is subject to immortality, traveling to other
measuring, manipulating antimatter and dark matter. Not
it is possible that there are even more perfect civilizations,
the existence of which we cannot even imagine. Therefore
we represent aliens and aliens from other spaces, times
certainly like themselves, obviously deluded in this
a primitive view …

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