Scientists believe that we can understand and appreciatealien music

When we think about the possibility of human contact with
alien civilization, we immediately ask a lot
important issues. How hard will it be to enter this
contact? Will we be able to recognize the first alien attempt
establish communication with us? Will the earth race understand
a culture completely beyond our perception of the world?
Are we finally recognizing the art of “green men”? Will be
enjoy it?

Take, for example, music, considered by many inhabitants of the Earth
the most important and comprehensive art form, and perhaps even
one of the types of communication between different nations and races. AT
the British scientific journal “Scientific Reports” recently
published the results of a curious study concerning
potential alien music. Scientists suggest that
aliens should also have the concept of music, and man
can understand it more easily than you can imagine, however
will certainly face some of its subtleties, like a certain
forms of communication.

The authors of the article say that our civilization is hardly the first
contact with aliens. We still don’t have any
tools for communication with the distant cosmos, and even flights of earthlings for
millions of light years away from their home planet look clean
fiction. Studies show that a person cannot for long
survive off the earth. This means that if a contact happens, then
its initiators, in all likelihood, will be the aliens.

This means that they will be much more advanced than we
you. Consequently, the music of “green men” may well
prove to be more complex and perfect than that used to
people. AT качестве примеров ученые приводят поп-музыку и классику.
Pop music is quite simple and uncomplicated, she’s good
suitable for fun or relaxation, but quickly become boring and not
can satisfy the aesthetic needs of the more demanding
the listener.

Meanwhile, classical music is often complex.
forms and is more difficult for perception, but at the same time gives
listener a whole range of new emotions. Академический музыкант ATинсент
Menzies, one of the authors of the study, believes that
music of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization who wish
contacting us is likely to be much more
sophisticated and refined than the greatest earth works,
let’s say Mozart or Tchaikovsky.

Alien music will help us understand the aliens

In other words, Menzies suggests that even the most
intricate music of earthlings will seem to guests from another planet
as primitive as pop music – to the connoisseur of the classics. Wherein
we can not even guess what musical instruments
use aliens, what are the vocal preferences of these
creatures, what is their writing talent, etc. Their music can
prove so beautiful and incredible that will open in us
feelings beyond the usual emotional range. And precisely
music will promote more easy and harmonious communication
between aliens and earthlings.

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