Scientists boycott Korean developmentsweapons based on artificial intelligence

Over fifty of the world’s leading experts in the field
artificial intelligence studies have declared a boycott
South Korean Institute of Advanced Technology (KAIST) in

Extremely prestigious teaching and research institution
subjected to a flurry of criticism for being in one of the local
laboratories began the development of weapons based on artificial
intelligence. Scientists have reported their outrage to the administration.
State Institute in an open letter. That’s what it says in
this message:

While the UN is actively discussing containment issues
autonomous types of weapons to ensure international
security, KAIST intends to accelerate the arms race,
using those scientific advances that are most dangerous for
of humanity. This fact causes us great regret, therefore
we are forced to boycott any kind of cooperation with the institute
until we get assurances that we stopped here
any development of weapons capable of functioning without
participation of the person himself. Even the creators of weapons are obliged to appreciate
human rights and follow modern ethical standards and

It is worth noting that KAIST has some of the most advanced
scientific and robotic laboratories in the world, so the concerns
scientists from other countries can be understood. Recall that Steve Wozniak,
Ilon Musk, the late Stephen Hawking and a host of other reputable
experts have repeatedly called on the governments of the world to impose
restrictions, and even better, a ban on the development of weapons systems with
использованием искусственного intelligence.

Scientists believe that such a weapon is a real box.
Pandora, which in the case of opening it will be impossible
slam the lid, frightened, finally, of what we have done.
If there are missiles and bombs driven by artificial
intelligence, the consequences of the further development of mankind is difficult
imagine even imagine. Films about something like “Terminator”
or “The Matrix” may seem like funny fantasies compared to
the cruel reality that awaits our Earth …

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