Scientists create a translator from animal language tohuman language

Today, scientists are on the verge of creating a real translator with
языка животных на human language, для начала, скажем, на
English. If you want to communicate more productively with your
pets, understand everything they want to tell you, then
in ten years it will become as easy to do as today
hardware instantly translate someone else’s speech.

At least, the professor of biology of the University is sure of it.
Northern Arizona Con Slobodchikov (Con Slobodchikoff) – author
studies of the language and gestures of wild prairie dogs,
dedicated more than three decades. According to the biologist,
animals have their own unique language, for example, they publish special
sounds when a predator appears. Moreover, depending on the size and
such as danger, these sounds are completely different, that is, dogs know how to
using certain signals to convey to their fellow tribesmen
quite specific information, accurate to the smallest detail. From here
we can conclude that animals fully communicate with each other
friend, but their language is completely different from human
because it consists of barking, roars, yelling, screaming and so
further, that is perceived by us as a meaningless set of sounds. But
Is it so?

Create a unique translator will help AI

The professor wants to use artificial intelligence in order
to “crack” the language of dogs, creating, ultimately, a full
translator of sounds and animal gestures into English. At present
time with this goal he and his closest colleagues organized
a special company Zoolingua, which, according to the plans of the scientist,
after 10 years can launch such a unique device on the market.
At first it will, of course, be a prairie dog language translator, however
next step will certainly be translators of domestic dogs, cats
and so on. That is, in the late twenties – early thirties
this century, people will already be more easily and productively communicate with
animals and first of all with your favorite pets

It all seems fantastic, however, according to ancient knowledge,
which, by the way, are reflected in many works of art,
man once knew how to communicate with animals, and even today
certain states, he easily understands their natural language. AND
although, most often, it happens at the level of telepathy, quite
возможно, что ученые, опираясь на ANDAND, сумеют создать такой
translator. Unless, of course, a man does not have time
so much so that telepathy will become the main tool
communication of all living on Earth, as it ideally should be in
highly developed and harmonious world.

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