Scientists discovered on Greenland ice sheetdark areas under which snow melts intensively

Ecological danger today lurks humanity, as
it says from all over. Norwegian scientists have discovered another
factor of impending ecological disaster – the “dark zone” on
Greenland’s great ice shield.

In case of rapid melting of this ice massif and
consequently, a sharp rise in sea level, really
many areas on the Earth can sink, the whole port
cities. The fact is that the detected “dark zone”
approximately 400 per 100 kilometers is a layer of dust and
soot that settled here as a result of human activity and
forest fires. On this darker surface of the glacier sharply
the reflectivity of the sun is reduced, causing a cold array
Greenland absorbs energy more intensively and melts faster.

�The “dark zone” also increases due to algae,
which multiply rapidly in thawed water, thereby contributing
accelerate this process leading to real environmental
catastrophe. Until the Norwegian scientists know how to deal with it
disaster, offering to tackle this problem, as
It is said by the whole world by connecting the best minds of mankind. After all
The above environmental problem somehow affects
almost everyone …

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