Scientists don’t know why giant sharksgather in huge flocks off the coast of the United States

According to the scientific journal Journal of Fish Biology,
the eighties of the last century, there is a strange picture:
giant sharks, these lonely sea animals, suddenly huge
flocks gather in the north of the Atlantic Ocean (mostly in
waters from Nova Scotia all the way to Long Island).

We emphasize that these gigantic sharks tend to swim in
alone However, in 2013, for example, they were brought together
near the coast of the United States in the amount of up to one and a half thousand individuals. Scientists to
still can not give the exact answer that forces the sea giants
to flock, and why only in this place.

However, the giant shark has always been for researchers
real sea mystery. For example, it is still for certain
it is unknown how it multiplies. By some indirect signs
it is considered that this giant is ovovivipating, but how many
The pregnancy of females lasts, how many cubs appear,
even the age at which they reach sexual maturity, it’s all up to
still remains the secret of the ocean.

The giant shark, which is also called the elephant shark, and its
the generic name Cetorhinus maximus translates into Russian as
�”Huge sea monster”, reaches a length of 10 meters and weight
about 4 tons. By its dimensions, it is second only to whale
shark Despite such impressive sizes and even names,
this giant of the seas is completely harmless. And therefore absolutely not
dangerous and to humans.

This “monster” feeds on plankton, which is why the giant shark
even called a superfilter, the whole life of which
consists in the constant movement and pumping of sea water (to
6000 tons hourly) for the purpose of extracting plankton, which is marine
an animal can fill its stomach to a ton and more.

In winter, when the amount of plankton drops sharply, the giant shark
have to go on a diet. Save her during this hungry time
large reserves of fat in the liver, which can reach a third of her
weights. It is this fat, the usefulness of which is known to man.
since ancient times, almost led to the fact that people practically
exterminated all the gigantic sharks. After all, hunt them very
simple: the elephant shark swims relatively slowly (since not
swims as much as it eats at this time), while the person
He considers, if not a friend, then a very frivolous opponent. For all
the time of the earthly neighborhood of these giants and people in the ancient brain
plangton sharks born awareness
rethinking such a frivolous view of life.

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