Scientists easily destroyed the myth of life inmatrix

The idea that the world around us is nothing more than a computer
simulation belongs to the British philosopher Nick Bostrom, who
He expressed it for the first time in 2003. On the wave of super popular
film trilogy “The Matrix” this theory has become very popular, after
what it has been repeatedly developed and leveled – who as he could,
starting from background fiction and ending with famous
explorers of the cosmos, which is, for example, Ilon

The arguments for both this theory and against it were
abound, but the most insidious in all this is itself
the concept of “matrix”, because whatever the researchers put forward
of this phenomenon, whatever arguments may prove
of their righteousness, they themselves actually “did not go beyond”
of the world and its ideas (laws or programs), that is, there were
в той же matrix.

Here is the latest evidence (published recently in the publication
Science Advances) theoretical physicists at Oxford University
Dmitry Kovrizhin and Zohar Ringel that our Universe is just
impossible to simulate, interesting, but not indisputable. But let’s
consider it in more detail, because in this postulate
really lies a grain of truth.

In its theory of impossibility to lay our entire Universe on
quantum level in computer code Kovrizhin and Ringel rely on
that it would take too much ram memory.
For example, storing such a matrix of only 20 spins requires
about terabyte of RAM, if you imagine creating a computer with
a memory that can expand to thousands, millions, and so on
spins, then this is not enough for all the resources of the universe. I.e
create super-detailed virtual space just
is impossible.

On the one hand, it is very convincing, but on the other – the creators
matrices could simply provide for this restriction so that
show “: the simulation of the universe is impossible, and therefore – forget and
live as they lived …

There is one more philosophical aspect in this question. If a
allow that the Universe was created by the Most High, as it is proved
almost all religions, then, tell me, what is this divine world
different from the matrix? Basically – nothing. In this case, it is difficult
even finding fault with some limitations because the possibilities
Universal intelligence, we just can not imagine how,
however, and himself.

The creator of the theory of Transurfing (also very interesting from the point
view matrix, we recommend to meet everyone who cares
theme) Vadim Zeland in one of his book clearly noted that
the desire to understand what the Most High is is a direct
path to the nuthouse. And do not you think, gentlemen, that understand that
such a matrix and to prove whether we live in it or not is practically nothing
no different from knowing God? ..

However, the matrix can be shined to such a concept as
computer disease of our century (see video below). Everyone myself
chooses for himself what is more acceptable for him. We know so little
about the world around us in view of the limitations of our
sense organs, that any theory is nothing more than a fairy tale …

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