Scientists felt that in the solar systeman alien ship arrived

An amazing statement was made by scientists. Back in October 2017
theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his colleagues discovered the interstellar
an object that has flown into the solar system. Experts felt that
this is the first fixed cosmic body that arrived in our
planetary system from the outside. However, a group of researchers led by
Hawking decided the other day to carefully examine the UFO by
most powerful telescope. As a result, they came to the conclusion that this
the object, called Oumuamua, for sure (probability 80
percent) is an alien alien ship.

Oumuamua, first seen by astronomers on October 15, is already
removed from our planet and was about 2.5 million
kilometers from it. �”Asteroid” (namely, it was determined
orthodoxy), among other things, interested scientists his
cigar-shaped. The length of the object is about 500 meters, and
diameter – about 80 meters. Stephen Hawking and his partners report
that this form is ideal for space flight,
because it minimizes collisions with smaller
space objects. Interstellar traveler, as it turned out,
also leaves no dust behind it – such an atypical behavior
�”Asteroid” indicates that it is made of strong
metal. And its trajectory looks too sensible and not
obeying the gravitational fields of other celestial bodies.

Scientists survey Oumuamua as part of the Breakthrough
Listen “, created at the initiative of Hawking, with financial support
Russian and American billionaires Yuri Milner and Mark
Zuckerberg. The program aims to search the reasonable universe
extraterrestrial life. For this, experts use parabolic
the Green Bank radio telescope which possesses so big
power that could easily receive a signal from a cell phone,
be the one on the surface of Oumuamua. The only pity is that
the alleged alien ship does not give any signals and already
preparing to leave the solar system. Perhaps forever …

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