Scientists for the first time captured the birththe planets

For the first time in the history of science, astronomers have recorded
new planet. Such a rare discovery was made in the framework of projects
�”DISK” and “SHINE” for the study of young stars.

The authors of the unique discoveries were the specialists of the European South
observatories using “Very Large Telescope” – a complex of
four most powerful optical telescopes, located on
Chilean mountain Cerro Paranal. Scientists say that
�”Newborn” planet is located at a distance of approximately
370 light years away from us and is part of the planetary system around
star “PDS 70” in the constellation Centaurus.

The distance between this variable star and the new planet
corresponds roughly to the distance between the Sun and Uranus,
making up about 2.9 billion kilometers. Image analysis
originated from the protoplanetary disk of a celestial body shows
that its mass exceeds the mass of Jupiter, and the temperature at its
The surface reaches 1000 degrees Celsius. European scientists
doubt that life can exist there, especially on this
reasonable, but note the high importance of direct observation
behind the emerging planet, giving astronomers a huge luggage of new
knowledge of the cosmos and the universe as a whole.

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