Scientists have concluded that Easter Islanddestroyed the mysterious idols of Moai

There are riddles in the world that continue to torment researchers
of all stripes over the course of many dozens or even hundreds
years old. And among such mysteries are the Egyptian pyramids and the idols of Moai.
tiny Easter Island (Rapanui), lost in the vast Silent
the ocean, practically still isolated from the rest of the world.

But, apparently, this piece of land once flourished, and on it
there was a fairly highly developed society that
for a long time erected on the coastline of the island
strange guardians – huge idols, hewn from solid
pieces of stone. The growth of these Moai, as the natives themselves called them, sometimes
exceeded 10 meters.

Naturally, such stone statues weighed many tons, and
move them from the “workshop” – the quarry, located on
the coastline is sometimes 25 kilometers away, it’s a real matter even for
modern builders and modern technology. And here – the ancient
the world, the most primitive tools and means of moving
weights. How did the natives drag (or transport)
these very heavy stone boulders are Moai’s graven images; moreover, then
installed them where necessary, and even put it on their heads
hardest hats – “stone hats”?

What scientists did not “invent”, just as they did not “move”
of these idols (theoretically, of course) since the discovery of the island in
1722 If the natives saw it all with their own eyes, as they say
some independent researchers, they would be quite surprised so
complex manipulations and such primitive mechanisms (or rather
say, primitive thinking).

Theories of creation and installation of the idols of Moai

Let’s remember that a professor at Binghamton University, Carl
Lipo proposed the theory that the idols moved with
using the buildup, like the way we move furniture, let’s say
refrigerator, tilting it in one direction or the other. It seems to be
everything is logical, and even that there were some confirmation
(special bevels, notches on statues), however, this theory is not all
arranged it.

Then archaeologists decided to dig up the statue – and it turned out that
most of them are not just heads, but
full-fledged figures buried in the ground (another mystery). True her
Scientists “unraveled” very quickly, saying that the idols were covered with
time volcanic and sediment. By the way, with
excavation of full-fledged figures (see video) tireless seekers
Antiquities found even fragments of some kind of mechanism, which they are here
considered the device for moving multi-ton stone

Further more interesting: in the lower layers of these excavations discovered
pollen of an endemic tree (something like a modern palm tree, which
was up to thirty meters high and up to two meters in diameter). Exactly
the trunks of these mighty trees, according to archaeologists, are the natives and
used in the form of rollers, moving idols. Found besides
the pollen of the how-how plant, from which in Polynesia (apparently also on
Rapanui Island) made ropes. Rollers and ropes – here you are
mystery solved!

Such an assumption allowed scientists to make such a sad
the conclusion that cutting down “palm trees” to move idols led to
the fact that the number of forests on the island was rapidly declining, and this, in
ultimately led to disruption of the natural equilibrium and
environmental disaster – a sharp change not only local
flora, but also fauna. Birds, land animals and even sea animals disappear.
the inhabitants. People gradually began to leave the island, and this once
Heavenly piece of land eventually fell into complete decay. And the cause
According to researchers, stone idols became his,
designed to protect and protect the island from enemies and all other

In turn, independent scientists, supporters of gravitational
theories (people in antiquity could control gravity, and therefore
it was easy to build such grand buildings and monuments as
pyramids and moai) wonder how today’s discoveries
archaeologists easily and easily explain not only how the natives
Easter Islands were moved and installed multi-ton idols, but
and the cause of death of the island paradise. Deny now all this
it will be much harder – almost impossible while modern
society will not come to an understanding: to control gravity is not only
it is possible, it is natural for man.

This fact has long been proven and more than once, for example, by Edward
Lidskalnin, who built his own one of the multi-ton blocks
Amazing Coral Castle.

And the Russian entomologist V.S. Grebennikov went even further,
proving that insects fly only due to antigravity
effect (wings are only a tool for flight direction), and therefore
to manage gravity for many of the Earth’s living organisms, and for
including a man, is a common thing, like breathing, running and jumping.
And if we eventually lost this ability for an unknown
reason, this does not justify our desire to adjust to this
�“Weakness” of the whole world, and not only current, but also realities
past and even future …

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