Scientists have demonstrated what happens ifice will melt at the poles of the Earth

We’re almost used to the news that ice caps are
the south and north poles of the Earth gradually thawed, threatening serious
consequences for our planet. And what will happen with the Earth and with us,
living on it if the ice melts in the Arctic and Antarctic

To note, the Earth has today about 30 million
cubic kilometers of ice. If it will melt at the same pace
as it is now, it will take at least 5 thousand to turn it into water
years, so that we do not seem to be in danger of the Flood, although
oceans by one meter – for many countries it will be a real
a disaster.

In total, the water rises to 70 meters, if all the ice that is
on the planet, suddenly melt. True, experts have no single
opinions, is it possible at all, if with the planet, of course, not
something catastrophic will happen.

We invite you to watch a very interesting video that we
wait if such a fantastic scenario does happen.
Waiting for us or our descendants – it does not matter, because,
according to the theory of reincarnation, we are constantly reborn. Therefore
there is no guarantee that any of us who are now living will not be caught
in its next reincarnation the Flood of the Universe, about which
says this article …

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