Scientists have developed a male contraceptive in the formgel

Формула этого уникального противозачаточного мужского gel была
developed by the american institute dealing with problems
Human Development and Child Health – Eunice Kennedy

The essence of this invention is easy to use and quite reliable.
contraceptive drug that unlike today’s
male contraceptives works at the level of hormones, so
development of a full-fledged male seed is blocked, as it is claimed
authors – blocked by 100 percent.

True, all this is still at the level of laboratory experiments, and therefore
now a team of volunteer pairs is being selected who will
test a new contraceptive drug. Planned for
start using NES / T gel for 12 weeks to
make sure that it does not cause jams and does not harm
male body. Полный же цикл испытания gel охватит 52 недели,
during which all its parameters and a wide range will be studied
impact on the human body at the main evaluation criteria
the effectiveness of this drug. By the way, men who will take
participation in this experiment will be monitored for another 24 weeks
after it ends. All this is necessary for complete confidence in
the safety of a new drug.

The developers themselves say that they do not doubt one iota in
должной эффективности их уникального противозачаточного gel, а вот
what he will show in terms of side effects, here the opinions of scientists
diverge. But … practice will show how new the invention
effective and harmless. But in principle, such a light
men expect a contraceptive drug (dream of it), as
it turned out long ago, without even knowing that he could
really go on sale. It seems the hopes of men both in general and
women, on the contraceptive of a new generation, will soon come true …

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