Scientists have discovered several undergroundquadrillion tons of diamonds

And although scientists confidently say that at a depth of about 150 – 250
kilometers of incalculable diamond reserves, of the order of several
quadrillion tons, get them out, you know, just
is impossible. Even in the foreseeable future, mankind is unlikely to reach
such technologies to extract these riches.

Through seismological research, an international team
Researchers concluded that the speed of sound in the crust
varies depending on the properties of certain breeds. Thanks
to this, scientists quite accurately created the lithospheric model of the Earth.

Studies have shown that sound passing through crotonic roots
(rock formations of high density), accelerated by
diamonds that contain these crotons. And although in these stone
diamond formations of not more than one or two percent (just such
the indicator provides an abnormal seismic velocity), in
In general, it turns out that at enormous depths are quadrillions
tons of precious mineral.

Of all this, says one of the authors of this study.
Ulrich Foul, we can conclude that the diamond is not so
exotic fossil material – on a general geological scale
its full of, that’s just to get it from such depths we are unlikely
when we can And when we can, I suppose, neither he nor the gold
will not be of such value to humanity as it is now.
However, humanity itself may not survive until that time, as
previous our other civilizations.

The findings of a group of international scientists were published recently on
portal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, becoming a small
a sensation not only for scientists but for the world
the public …

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