Scientists have discovered what turned a monkey intohuman

This discovery was made by American genetic researchers and their
Belgian colleagues, dedicating to him two whole scientific articles in
Cell Journal. Суть его заключается в том, что human разумным
and, ultimately, civilized did not work like this
argued at one time Friedrich Engels and other supporters of similar
theories, and mutations.

Thanks to them, our distant ancestor, scientists write, got the genome
NOTCH2NL, which caused a sharp increase in brain volume,
which acquired in the end the unique structure of the bark of large
hemispheres, and as a result of all this metamarphosis – quickly became
развиваться разум human.

An international group of geneticists incidentally found out that
Mother Nature allegedly tried to “rationalize” the present monkeys, according to
least humanlike trying to inculcate in them a similar
gene during mutations, but nothing came of it. But the ancestors
people perceived this “gift” without problems, it seems, even with
thanks In view of this, nature has even slightly supplemented it,
why the latest version of the gene described above has provided man
just fantastic growth of the gray matter of the brain.

Это, мол, и подняло human в эволюции на столь небывалую
height, leaving the monkeys far below, which are hopelessly there
stuck. And no matter how hard they have worked since, but without the desired gene
— никуда, никаких тебе превращений в human.

The fertile NOTCH2NL gene is located in the first chromosome of DNA,
he appeared there, scientists write, about four million years
backwards True, it remains a mystery why this “error in
copying, which almost instantly turned our
silly ancestors in Homo sapiens.

Recall that there is a theory that this genetic
mutation with our ancestors was not taken by nature, but by aliens from
other worlds. In this case, the “error in
copying “, and trying to graft the same gene into another human-like
creatures – monkeys, as we say.

Like it or not, to unequivocally state all this is very difficult, but
Here archeologists find amazing artifacts that are 100, and
some (imprint sandals) even 500 million years. Who in that
time wandering in shoes, creating computers, doing amazing
mechanisms, if a person is reasonable, according to genetics today,
appeared only 4 million years ago? ..

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