Scientists have explained how useful homework is.spiders

Probably everyone knows or heard at least once that
Spiders can not be killed – this is a bad sign. And let many people
skeptical about this, entomologist Matt Burton of
The University of North Carolina states that, most likely,
she was not born from scratch or because of some beliefs
people. Просто spiders — очень полезные насекомые, и древние люди,
apparently, they knew it perfectly.

Here is what the specialist writes about this in The Conversation:

There is no mystery in that it is better not to kill spiders in the house, no –
These arthropods are very useful for the ecosystem of any home.
Therefore, by killing them, you, of course, do not put such on your house
troubles, like a fire or an invasion of thieves, as some people say
interpreting national signs very original, but thus
you will create in the rooms where you live yourself some environmental
the discomfort. Правда, ненадолго, потому что spiders все равно вернутся:
not these, so others.

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