Scientists have figured out where the aliens live

где живут инопланетяне

In the universe, an innumerable set of stars, but far from
each of them is able to create favorable conditions for development
of life. However, there are such stars. So where do aliens live?
For example, planets that revolve around the star Chara, which is
Beta constellation Hounds Dogs. Chara, located at a distance of 26
light years from our planet, according to its characteristics is very
like the sun.

The next candidate for the presence of other life forms is the planetary
star system HD 10307 in the constellation of Andromeda, the light of which
gets to Earth in 42 years. Mass, chemical composition and
the temperature of this stellar object practically coincides with
The sun Finally, in all likelihood life exists on the planets,
revolving around the 18th star of the constellation Scorpius, also almost
identical with our Sun and even having a period equal to it
activity – 11 years. This star is at a distance of 47.5
light years from Earth.

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