Scientists have found a better alternativefoam plastic

Until recently, no one would have thought that foam plastic,
This is an unsurpassed heat insulator in all respects.
turn out, as they say, out of work. Because foam is light,
absolutely not toxic to humans, but completely unacceptable
for bacteria and other small animals.

But even this optimal thermal insulation material found
a serious flaw that has become a threat to … the environment,
since the foam does not decompose under natural conditions, but
therefore, gradually more and more pollutes our planet.

A group of American scientists from the University of Maryland at
Колледж-Парке давно уже работает над поиском замены foam plastic
(expanded polystyrene), and they recently received a decent alternative
him: the material is inexpensive (made from waste), easily accessible
and, most importantly, able to easily compete with the formerly popular
heat insulator in all respects, naturally surpassing it in
environmental plan.

This fantastic insulating material has become – the usual
wood. Rather, it is different from the ordinary one in that
lignin and transverse cellulose strands are removed from it, due to which
получилась наноwood. Nanowood – flexible and ultralight,
exceeding plastic foam many times in all respects, in
including thermal insulation.

Nanowood, moreover, is thirty times more efficient than foam as
and silicone airgel, in terms of deformation (super flexible and
superplastic). Moreover, the range of application of nano wood
wider than the foam, for example, it can be used to
pipe insulation instead of glass wool, as opposed to the last
wood is not harmful and not terrible even for the most sensitive
allergy sufferers.

Therefore, the creators of the new insulation material are sure
that the potential of Nanowood is huge, its further use
will save billions of dollars, but even this is not important: nanodolesina
easily decomposes in natural conditions, and therefore harmless to
the environment.

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