Scientists have found a shark that lives more thanfive hundred years

In the North Atlantic, scientists have found a shark whose age is more
five hundred years: радиоуглеродный анализ показал, что эта «старушка»
born in the first years of the XVI century, that is, she is somewhat older
Shakespeare, writes the journal Science.

Record holder in life expectancy among marine and
land vertebrates – the Greenland shark is 5.4 meters long.
Julius Nielsen – biologist at the University of Copenhagen clarified for
journalists that he has been studying this shark for several years, however
previously, they believed that it was about two or three hundred years old. But,
catching the other day it’s a giant sea animal and measuring it
age using modern research (radiocarbon analysis
nucleus of the lens of the eye, which was made in the Arctic
University of Norway), scientists were shocked – the shark is already 500 s
over the years.

Greenland sharks are very slow predators because
they dwell in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic
oceans, people are practically not attacked (only isolated
the case when these predators scared their aggressive behavior
divers and fishermen), grow very “sluggishly”, reaching sexual maturity
at the age of 150 years. Being caught do not resist like
other sharks, so study them very easily.

Scientists have called them “time capsules”, the study of which may
to bring oceanologists to the solution of many secrets of the ocean itself and
impact on its inhabitants human activity.

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