Scientists have identified who they really are.snow people

A group of international scientists decided once and for all to determine
who is the legendary snowman.

To do this, experts took samples from private collections of guests
wool, teeth, skins and litter of alleged bigfoot, after which
conducted their thorough laboratory research. DNA analysis
showed that all these samples belong to animals of the family
bearish. Could this mean that one of the largest
Are the cryptozoological puzzles of the planet finally solved?

Some of the samples used by scientists found in Tibetan
highlands in the 1930s, part – in the same place, but in later years.
It turned out that all these bones, fragments of skin and shreds of wool
belong to the black Himalayan, Tibetan brown, Tien Shan brown
and other native bears. This analysis showed
mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid extracted from
samples. In addition, the researchers determined that one of the bones
is canine. Whether someone intentionally forged the remains and
Yeti’s excrement, or took them for them through ignorance and his

Many world cryptozoologists, however, are in no hurry to believe
in that the myth of the snow people finally and irrevocably dispelled.
In their opinion, people of official science cannot draw conclusions on
the basis of 14 fragments of remains found at one point
the planets. How about tens of thousands of other samples found in
Tibetan Highlands? Many professionals in the field
cryptozoology is convinced that scientists have specifically set themselves a goal
disprove the existence of Bigfoot, and not to achieve the truth.

It’s like looking into your bedroom and not seeing there.
ghosts, conclude from this that they do not exist. Absolutely
unprofessional approach based on the desire to give his
point of view for the truth – says the famous Canadian
paranormal investigator Alex Morin.

By the way, scientists are not the first time trumpeting that the mystery of the snow
man is solved. And nothing has changed…

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