Scientists have investigated the mysterious mud river inChelyabinsk region

Russian scientists from Uralseismo Center investigated the mysterious
natural phenomenon that manifested itself in September and October of this
года неподалеку от Катав-Ивановска в Chelyabinsk region. Local
residents discovered in the forest incomprehensible rift, according to which
the real mud river flowed swiftly.

She easily broke whole trunks in her path, scattering
on the sides of the twisted maids and stones. According to the words
Katav-Ivanovtsy, there was an unprecedented rumble, as if started
Apocalypse. Supporters of supernatural theories began to build
various guesses about the nature of this disaster.

Meanwhile, orthodox scholars have connected the incident with
intense earthquake that took place in the region on the night of 5
September In some places the force of tremors exceeded 6.5
points It is noteworthy that the trembling of the earth then felt in
Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and many other cities of the Urals.

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